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A report on colour term research in five Aboriginal languages  Hargrave, Susanne;  1982  
Australian Aboriginal and Islander mathematics  Harris, John W;  1987  
Communicability of some Western Desert communilects  Hansen, Kenneth;  1984  
Facts and fallacies of Aboriginal number systems  Harris, John W;  1982  
Land and language  Seddon, George;  1999  
Lessons for learning Martu Wangka  Marsh, James;  1980  
Martu statements on the ownership of Karlamilyi  Thieberger, Nicholas;  1989  
Martu Wangka dictionary 2006 [CD-ROM] : an interactive dictionary based on SIL's Lexique Pro Windows compatible  Burgman, Albert;  2006  
Martu Wangka English dictionary  Marsh, James;  1992  
Nyangumarta kinship: a woman’s viewpoint  Geytenbeek, Helen;  1982  
The concept of the tribe in the Western Desert of Australia  Berndt, Ronald;  1959  
Wangka Base dictionary  Blyth, Noel;  2000  
Yintakaja-Lampajuga = These are our waterholes  Davenport, Sue;  1988  
You can read Martu Wangka: Riitamula Martu Wangka  Martu Wangka Publications;  1984