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A century of effort: contributions to the study of Aboriginal ethnology and linguistics by Pallottine missionaries in North West Western Australia.  Bindon, Peter;  2001  
A grammar of the Nyangumarta language of the Pilbara  Sharp, Janet;  1998  
A pragmatic analysis of a failed cross-cultural communication  Sayers, Barbara;  1999  
A secret language of Western Australia – a note  O'Grady, Geoffrey;  1956  
Aboriginal language maintenance: some issues and strategies  Thieberger, Nicholas;  1988  
Aboriginal languages of the Pilbara region: Nyangumarta  Sharp, Janet; Thieberger, Nicholas;  2002  
Aboriginal languages of the Pilbara: Nyangumarta  Geytenbeek, Brian;  1990  
Aboriginal languages of the Pilbara: Nyangumarta  Thomas, Bruce; Thomas, Frank; Geytenbeek, Brian;  1990  
An introduction to Northern Nyangumarta: 100 lessons of Nyangumarta  McKelson, Kevin;  2004  
Beginning linguistics  Capell, Arthur;  1966  
Bilybara, the Aboriginal languages of the Pilbara region  Sharp, Janet; Thieberger, Nicholas;  1992  
Case relationships in Nyangumarta  Geytenbeek, Helen;  1988  
Change and adjustment among the Bardi of sunday Island, North-Western Australia  Robinson, Michael;  1973  
Clause-initial position in four Australian languages  Simpson, Jane; Mushin, Ilana;  2008  
Continuous and discontinuous noun phrases in Nyangumarda  Geytenbeek, Helen;  1980  
Domains and domination  McConvell, Patrick;  1983  
Dynamik im Stammesleben nordwest-Australiens  Petri, Helmut;  1966  
Ein Abessiv im Gemein-Australischen  Brandenstein, Carl Georg von;  1965  
Final report: AIAS national lexicography project  Nash, David; Simpson, Jane;  1989  
Geographisches Weltbild und zwischenstammliche Handels-verbindungen nordwestaustralischer Eingeborenen-Gruppen  Petri, Helmut;  1959