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Aboriginal names of places  Bates, Daisy;  1913  
Australian linguistic classification: a plea for coordination of effort  Klokeid, Terry; O'Grady, Geoffrey;  1969  
Eucla: Yircla Meening tribe  Williams, William;  1886  
Eyre’s Sand Patch: Wonunda Meening tribe  Williams, William;  1886  
Handbook of W. A. Aboriginal languages  Thieberger, Nicholas;  1987  
Handbook of Western Australian Aboriginal languages south of the Kimberley region  Thieberger, Nicholas;  1993  
Historical linguistic geography of South east Western Australia  Nash, David;  2002  
Journal of the Elder Scientific Exploring Expedition, 1891-1892  Elder Scientific Exploring Expedition, 1891-1892;  1893  
Reviving an endangered language "The case of the Mirning Language"  Chanda, Mary;  2003  
Significance of the circumcision boundary in Western Australia  O'Grady, Geoffrey;  1959  
The Hoff vocabularies of Indigenous languages: from the far west coast of South Australia  Hoff, August;  2004  
The tragedy of Nauo  Hercus, Luise; Simpson, Jane;  2001  
Western Australian vocabularies  Wells, Lawrence;  1893