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A grammar of Wambaya  Nordlinger, Rachel;  1993  
A grammar of Wambaya, Northern Territory (Australia)  Nordlinger, Rachel;  1998  
A note on an inversion marker in Warumungu pronominal clitics  Simpson, Jane;  1990  
A typology of nonconfigurationality: with special reference to Jingulu  Pensalfini, Robert;  2001  
An outline of the grammar of Wambaya  Campbell, Stuart;  1977  
Eulogizing a language : the Ngarnka experience  Pensalfini, Robert;  2004  
From juxtaposition to incorporation: an approach to generic-specific constructions  Nordlinger, Rachel; Sadler, Louisa;  2008  
From prefixes to suffixes: typological change in northern Australia  Harvey, Mark; Green, Ian; Nordlinger, Rachel;  2006  
Historical considerations in some Australian languages and some typological comparisons with European languages  Chadwick, Neil;  1974  
Languages of the Queensland/Northern Territory border: updating the classification  Blake, Barry;  1990  
Making your skin fit properly : displaced equivalence in "skin" systems in the Barkly  Breen, Gavan;  2002  
Morphology building syntax: constructive case in Australian languages.  Nordlinger, Rachel;  1997  
Motivations for second position: Evidence from North-Central Australia  Mushin, Ilana ;  2006  
Moving along the grammaticalisation path: Locative and Allative marking of non-finite clauses and secondary predications in Australian languages  McConvell, Patrick; Simpson, Jane;  2009  
Nonconfigurational tense in Wambaya  Nordlinger, Rachel; Bresnan, Joan;  1996  
On the typological and genetic affiliation of Jingulu  Pensalfini, Robert;  2001  
Person marker sequences in the Australian languages  Wurm, Stephen;  1969  
Proto Mirndi : a discontinuous language family in Northern Australia  Harvey, Mark;  2008  
Reasons for language decline in the east central Northern Territory, Australia  Chadwick, Neil;  1984  
Report on survey of the central Northern Territory  Glasgow, David;  1984