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A descriptive study of the Djingili language  Chadwick, Neil;  1975  
A descriptive study of the Djingili language, Northern Territory, Australia  Chadwick, Neil;  1968  
A grammar of Jingulu : An Aboriginal language of the Northern Territory  Pensalfini, Robert;  2003  
A grammar of Wambaya  Nordlinger, Rachel;  1993  
A grammar of Wambaya, Northern Territory (Australia)  Nordlinger, Rachel;  1998  
A typology of nonconfigurationality: with special reference to Jingulu  Pensalfini, Robert;  2001  
Aboriginal languages  Ray, Sidney;  1925  
Configurationality  Pensalfini, Robert;  2006  
Die Eingeborenen der Kolonie s├╝daustralien  Eylmann, Erhard;  1908  
Die Gliederung der australischen Sprachen und ihre Beziehungen zu der soziologischen Gliederung der austra-lischen Stamme  Schmidt, Wilhelm;  1912-18  
Djingili (north Australia) in a comparative perspective  Chadwick, Neil;  1968  
Encyclopedia-Lexicon distinctions in Jingulu grammar  Pensalfini, Robert;  2000  
Ethnological notes on the Aboriginal tribes of the Northern Territory  Mathews, Robert Hamilton;  1901  
Eulogizing a language : the Ngarnka experience  Pensalfini, Robert;  2004  
From prefixes to suffixes: typological change in northern Australia  Harvey, Mark; Green, Ian; Nordlinger, Rachel;  2006  
Gadjari among the Walbiri Aborigines of central Australia  Meggitt, Mervyn;  1965-66  
Grammaticalization of demonstratives as subordinate clause complementizers in Ngumpin-Yapa  McConvell, Patrick;  2006  
Historical considerations in some Australian languages and some typological comparisons with European languages  Chadwick, Neil;  1974  
Jingulu focus marking as an instance of contact-induced change  Pensalfini, Robert;  2001  
Jingulu grammar, dictionary and texts  Pensalfini, Robert;  1997