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‘No-name’ in Central Australia  Nash, David; Simpson, Jane;  1981  
A note on an inversion marker in Warumungu pronominal clitics  Simpson, Jane;  1990  
A preliminary analysis of the laminal lateral in Pama-Nyungan languages  Fitzgerald, Susan;  1997  
A surgical operation as performed by the Boonarra tribe of Northern Australia, and a short vocabulary of the languages of some North Australian tribes  Terry, Michael;  1926  
Aboriginal modes of address and reference in the north-west of the Northern Territory  Stanner, W E H;  1937  
Arnhem Land music (north Australia)  Elkin, A P;  1953-56  
Arnhem Land music (north Australia)  Elkin, A P; Jones, Trevor;  1957  
Ethnological notes on the Aboriginal tribes of the Northern Territory  Mathews, Robert Hamilton;  1901  
Eulogizing a language : the Ngarnka experience  Pensalfini, Robert;  2004  
Gadjari among the Walbiri Aborigines of central Australia  Meggitt, Mervyn;  1965-66  
Grammaticalization of demonstratives as subordinate clause complementizers in Ngumpin-Yapa  McConvell, Patrick;  2006  
Hierarchical variation in pronominal clitic attachment in the eastern Ngumbin languages  McConvell, Patrick;  1980  
Lexicostatistics with massive borrowing: the case of Jingulu and Mudburra  Black, Paul;  2007  
Linguistic stratigraphy and native title: the case of ethnonyms  McConvell, Patrick;  2002  
Mathews Chingalee vocabulary: appraisal and comments  Chadwick, Neil;  1972  
Mudburra ethnobotany: Aboriginal plant use from Kulu mindini (Elliott), North Australia  Wightman, Glenn; Dixon, Dilkbarri; Williams, Lorraine; Dalywaters, Injimadi;  1992  
Nasal cluster dissimilation and constraints on phonological variables in Gurindji and related languages.  McConvell, Patrick;  1988  
Notes on the Malngjin and Gurindji aborigines of Limbunya, Northern Territory  Meggitt, Mervyn;  1955  
On the typological and genetic affiliation of Jingulu  Pensalfini, Robert;  2001  
Patrilects of the Warumungu and Warlmanpa and their neighbours  Nash, David;  1990