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Aboriginal place names in Kimberley, Western Australia: an etymological and mythological study  Worms, Ernest;  1944  
An introductory grammar of the Gugada dialect  Platt, John;  1968  
An outline grammar of the Gugada dialect: South Australia  Platt, John;  1972  
Anthropology  Helms, R;  1896  
Australian linguistic classification: a plea for coordination of effort  Klokeid, Terry; O'Grady, Geoffrey;  1969  
Authenticity, ideology and early ethnography - untangling Far West Coast Gugada  Monaghan, Paul;  2008  
Gugada interactive talking dictionary  Miller, Wanda; Peel, Wangki; Monaghan, Paul; Mühlhäusler, Peter; Koonibba Community School students;  2006  
Kinship in South Australia  Elkin, A P;  1938-40  
Linguistic trends in Australia: papers presented to the A.I.A.S. Linguistics Group May 1968  Laycock, Donald;  1970  
Some features of the verb in Kukata  Platt, John;  1968  
Some notes on Gugada and Wirangu  Platt, John;  1970  
Switch-reference in Australia  Austin, Peter;  1981  
Switch reference in Australian languages  Austin, Peter;  1979  
The concept of the tribe in the Western Desert of Australia  Berndt, Ronald;  1959  
The Hoff vocabularies of Indigenous languages: from the far west coast of South Australia  Hoff, August;  2004  
The Kukata-Kukatja distinction  Platt, John;  1967  
The tragedy of Nauo  Hercus, Luise; Simpson, Jane;  2001  
The verbal categories of some dialects of the Western Desert language  Bell, Neil;  1988  
Vocabularies of four South Australian languages: Adelaide, Narrunga, Kukata, and Narrinyeri - with special reference to their speech sounds  Black, John McConnell;  1920  
Wirangu and Gugada: the survival prospects of two neighbouring Australian languages  Monaghan, Paul;  2006