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A note to Wungudda from a grateful visitor  Hercus, Luise;  1968  
Aboriginal names and uses of plants in the Ooldea region, South Australia  Johnston, Thomas; Cleland, John Burton;  1942  
An introduction to the Western Desert language: a pedagogical description of the Western Desert language, based on the dialect spoken at Warburton Ranges, Western Australia. (revised edn 1964; 2nd impression 1977)  Douglas, Wilfrid;  1958  
An outline grammar of the Gugada dialect: South Australia  Platt, John;  1972  
Anthropology  Helms, R;  1896  
Australia's Indigenous languages in practice  Senior Secondary Assessment Board of South Australia;  1996  
Ethnological notes on the Aboriginal tribes of the Northern Territory  Mathews, Robert Hamilton;  1901  
Further notes on the ‘Aldolinga’ or ‘Mbenderinga’ tribe of Aborigines  Krichauff, F E H W;  1890  
Important Aboriginal languages  Hercus, Luise;  1974  
Kinship in South Australia  Elkin, A P;  1938-40  
Language course online  Ngapartji Ngapartji;  2006  
Laying down the country : Norman B. Tindale and the linguistic construction of the North-West of South Australia  Monaghan, Paul;  2003  
Manta tjamuku, manta kamiku = grandfather country, grandmother country: a philological and sociolinguistic study of the concept 'Antikirinya'  Naessan, Petter;  2001  
Morphological reconstruction of proto-Western Desert  Brown, Malcolm;  1979  
Notes on the use of gesture language in Australian tribes  Howitt, Alfred;  1890  
Otto Siebert: the missionary ethnographer  Hercus, Luise; McCaul, Kim;  2004  
Some Aboriginal routes in the western portion of South Australia  Johnston, Thomas;  1941  
Some native legends from Central Australia  Howitt, Mary;  1902  
Songs of central Australia  Strehlow, T G H;  1971  
The concept of the tribe in the Western Desert of Australia  Berndt, Ronald;  1959