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"Both sides of the bitumen" : Ken Hale remembering 1959  Green, Jennifer; Devitt, Jeannie; Hale, Kenneth;  2001  
A cross-linguistic study of value-judgement terms  Hill, Deborah;  1987  
A factor theory for Arunta kinship terminology  Hammel, E A;  1966  
A grammar and vocabulary of the language spoken by the Aborigines of the MacDonnell Ranges, South Australia  Kempe, Hermann;  1891  
A learner's guide to Eastern and Central Arrernte  Green, Jennifer;  2005  
A learner’s guide to Arrernte  Green, Jennifer;  1984  
A learner’s guide to Eastern and Central Arrernte  Green, Jennifer;  1994  
A learner’s wordlist of Eastern and Central Arrernte  Henderson, John;  1990  
A learner’s wordlist of Pertame  Swan, Christobel; Cousens, Marlene;  1993  
A lexicographic study of some Australian languages: project description  Hale, Kenneth;  1983  
A note to Wungudda from a grateful visitor  Hercus, Luise;  1968  
A preliminary EPG study of stop consonants in Arrernte  Tabain, Marija; Rickard, Kristine;  2007  
A preliminary study of jaw movement in Arrernte consonant production  Tabain, Marija;  2009  
A short history of spelling systems in Arrernte  Breen, Gavan;  2005  
A simple introduction to Central Australian kinship systems  Wafer, Jim;  1982  
A view on English - We spoke English when we had to  Allen, Christine;  1984  
Aboriginal Australia: languages and literature  Strehlow, T G H ;  1962  
Aboriginal language maintenance: Pertame  Swan, Christobel;  1991  
Aboriginal language, religion and society in central Australia  Strehlow, T G H;  1962  
Aboriginal languages and assimilation  Elkin, A P;  1963