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A handbook of Aboriginal languages of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory  Wafer, Jim; Lissarrague, Amanda;  2008  
Aboriginal words and meanings [Ee-na-won tribe, N.S.W.]  Buchanan, F J;  1901  
Creating Aboriginal placenames: applied philology in Armidale City  Reid, Nicholas;  2002  
Language and social distinction in Aboriginal Australia  Capell, Arthur;  1962  
Languages of the New England Aborigines, New South Wales  Mathews, Robert Hamilton;  1903  
Nganyaywana revisited: Lessons from Terry Crowley’s work on New England languages  Black, Paul;  2007  
Pama-Nyungan languages  McGregor, William;  2005  
Phonological change in New England  Crowley, Terry;  1976  
Save old ways and tribal languages  Capell, Arthur;  1967  
Some Aboriginal animal names  Macpherson, John;  1931  
Some Aboriginal place names in northern New South Wales  Macpherson, John;  1930  
Some words from the New England vocabularies  Macpherson, John;  1934  
The Aboriginal heritage: save old ways and tribal languages  Capell, Arthur;  1963