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A handbook of Aboriginal languages of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory  Wafer, Jim; Lissarrague, Amanda;  2008  
A note on Madimadi  Hercus, Luise;  1970  
Aboriginal flora and fauna names of Victoria : as extracted from early surveyors' reports  Wesson, Sue;  2001  
Aboriginal mission stations in Victoria: Yelta, Ebenezer, Ramahyuck, Lake Condah  Massola, Aldo;  1970  
Classifying Victorian languages  Blake, Barry; Reid, Julie;  1995  
Classifying Victorian languages  Blake, Barry; Reid, Julie;  1998  
Eaglehawk and crow: a Madimadi version  Hercus, Luise;  1971  
Notes on some Victorian Aboriginal names for plants and animals  Hercus, Luise;  1966  
Putting the Mathimathi stress rule in its proper perspective  Goedemans, Rob;  1997  
Sound change in Kulin  Blake, Barry; Reid, Julie;  1994  
Syllable onsets as a factor in stress rules  Davis, Stuart;  1988  
Syllable onsets as a factor in stress rules: the case of Mathimathi revisited  Gahl, Susanne;  1996  
Syllable weight in some Australian languages  Davis, Stuart;  1985  
The affix-transferring languages of Australia  Capell, Arthur;  1972  
The languages of Victoria: a late survey  Hercus, Luise;  1969  
The last Madimadi man  Hercus, Luise; White, Isobel;  1971  
The survival of Victorian languages  Hercus, Luise;  1965  
Topics in syllable geometry  Davis, Stuart;  1988  
Victorian languages: a late survey  Hercus, Luise;  1986  
Weightless segments: a phonetic and phonological study concerning the metrical irrelevance of syllable onsets  Goedemans, Rob;  1998