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Aboriginal pathways in southeast Queensland and the Richmond River  Steele, J G;  1987  
Linguistic survey of south-eastern Queensland  Holmer, Nils;  1983  
Stradbroke and Moreton Islands: Goenpul, Wogee, and Noonukul tribes  Watkin, George; Hamilton, J E;  1887  
The Aborigines of Stradbroke Island  Colliver, Frederick; Woolston, F P;  1975  
The collected works of Thomas Welsby, edited by A K Thomson  Welsby, Thomas;  1967  
Wordlist from many sources - Mr Arthur Gun, Levinge, Bache, Colliver, Woolston, Tripcony families, writings of Meston, Welsby, Petrie and others.  Rahnsleben, Grace;  1975