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‘That’s our way of talking’: Aborigines in south-east Queensland  Eades, Diana;  1981  
Aboriginal words  Mathew, John;  1900  
Gureng Gureng: a language of the upper Burnett River, south-east Queensland  Brasch, Sarah;  1975  
Gureng Gureng: a language program feasibility study  Jolly, Lesley;  1994  
Kámilarói, and other Australian languages, second edition, revised and enlarged by the author, with comparative tables of words from twenty Australian languages, and songs, traditions, laws and customs of The Australian race  Ridley, William;  1875  
Language is the key to the world  Brennan, Donna;  2000  
Language of the Aborigines of the Colony of Victoria and other Australian districts, with parallel translations and familiar specimens in dialogue as a guide to Aboriginal Protectors and others engaged in ameliorating their condition  Bunce, Daniel;  1851  
Linguistic survey of south-eastern Queensland  Holmer, Nils;  1983  
Note on the Gurang Gurang tribe of Queensland, with vocabulary  Mathew, John;  1913  
Notes on some Australian tribes with Appendix of Aboriginal words  Palmer, Edward;  1883  
Queensland corroboree songs  Marrett, R R;  1910  
Social and individual nomenclature, North Queensland Ethnography Bulletin 18  Roth, Walter Edmund;  1910  
The English-Gooreng _ Gooreng-English dictionary  Helon, George;  1994  
Woorabinda Aboriginal English: a study of the salient linguistic differences between the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal speech of informants on Woorabinda Aboriginal settlement in central Queensland  Alexander, Diane;  1968