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[Coombagoree vocabulary]  McDougall, A C;  1899  
A case of language revitalisation in 'settled' Australia  Walsh, Michael;  2001  
A Gumbaynggir language dictionary = Gumbayngirr bijaarr jandaygam  Muurrbay Aboriginal and Culture Cooperative;  2001  
A handbook of Aboriginal languages of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory  Wafer, Jim; Lissarrague, Amanda;  2008  
A preliminary analysis of the laminal lateral in Pama-Nyungan languages  Fitzgerald, Susan;  1997  
Aboriginal languages in New South Wales  Aboriginal;  1980  
Aboriginal names of places, etc., east of Main Dividing Range, N.S.W.  Walker, Critchett; Fosbery, Edmund;  1900-04  
Australian kin classification  Scheffler, H W;  1977  
Australian mythological terms: their etymology and dispersion  Worms, Ernest;  1957  
Barriyala - let's work : Gumbaynggirr language student workbook  Long, Julie;  2007  
Collecting native words  Laves, Gerhardt;  1929  
Comparison of some Australian languages  See, Richard;  1965  
Die Gliederung der australischen Sprachen und ihre Beziehungen zu der soziologischen Gliederung der austra-lischen Stamme  Schmidt, Wilhelm;  1912-18  
Elementary grammar of the Gumbaingar language (North Coast N.S.W.)  Smythe, W E;  1948-50  
Elementary grammar of the Gumbáinggar language (North Coast, N.S.W)  Smythe, W E;  1952  
Gumbaynggir  Eades, Diana;  1976  
Gumbaynggir  Eades, Diana;  1979  
Gumbaynggir relative clauses and possessive phrases reexamined  Eades, Diana;  1977  
Gumbaynggirr dictionary and learner's grammar = Gumbaynggirr bijaarr jandaygam, ngaawa gugaarrigam  Morelli, Steve;  2008  
Gumbaynggirr ngaalgan bawgaygam, ngaalgan gagaarlaygam: Gumbaynggirr teaching and learning  Prosser, David;  2006