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A Kalkatungu grammar  Blake, Barry;  1979  
Aboriginal languages of western Queensland  Breen, Gavan;  1971  
All about language  Blake, Barry;  2008  
Argument structure and the status of the complement  Mylne, Thomas;  2000  
Australian Aboriginal languages: a general introduction (2nd edition)  Blake, Barry;  1991  
Can lexicostatistics contribute an absolute time-scale to discussions of continuity of occupation in native title determinations?  Alpher, Barry;  2002  
Case mechanisms in Kalkatungu  Blake, Barry;  1976  
English, Kalkadoon illustrated language book  Prowse, Dorrie;  1994  
Ergativity, accusativity and topicality  Tsunoda, Tasaku;  1988  
Ethnological studies among the north-west-central Queensland Aborigines  Roth, Walter Edmund;  1897  
Features of case  Blake, Barry;  1992  
Four-way case systems: ergative, nominative, objective and accusative  Woolford, Ellen;  1997  
From semantic to syntactic antipassive in Kalkatungu.  Blake, Barry;  1978  
Galgadungu  Blake, Barry;  1976  
Indirect object advancement: from relational to case grammar (via Kalkatungu)  Böhm, Roger;  1986  
Jalanga and Kalkatungu: some comparisons  Blake, Barry;  1971  
Kalkatungu  Blake, Barry;  2006  
Les systèmes phonologiques des langues australiennes  Schebeck, Bernhard;  1972  
Mi-or-li and Kal-ka-doon tribes  Mackie, C W;  1901  
Nominal marking on verbs: some Australian cases  Blake, Barry;  1999