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Accounting for verb-initial order in an Australian language  Laughren, Mary; Pensalfini, Robert; Mylne, Thomas;  2005  
Across the Cape - community programs strong in the Far North  Hornsby, Alberta;  1999  
Languages of the Queensland/Northern Territory border: updating the classification  Blake, Barry;  1990  
Languages, linguistic groups and status relations at Doomadgee, an Aboriginal settlement in north-west Queensland, Australia  Trigger, David;  1987  
Lost for words, and in the silence a world disappears  Rothwell, Nicholas;  2003  
Moving along the grammaticalisation path: Locative and Allative marking of non-finite clauses and secondary predications in Australian languages  McConvell, Patrick; Simpson, Jane;  2009  
Notes on some Queensland languages  Holmer, Nils;  1988  
Reasons for language decline in the east central Northern Territory, Australia  Chadwick, Neil;  1984  
Redefining Pama-Nyungan: towards the prehistory of Australian languages  Blake, Barry;  1988  
Sourcebook for Central Australian languages (Pilot edition) /edited by David Nash  Menning, Kathy; Nash, David;  1981  
Switch-reference in Australia  Austin, Peter;  1981  
The Barkly: Wanyi and Garrwa comparative data  Breen, Gavan;  2003  
The genetic status of Garrwan  Harvey, Mark;  2009  
The Tully dialects are Dyirbal  Dixon, R M W;  1992  
Wanyi and Garrwa comparative data : an update  Belfrage, Hugh;  2003  
Wanyi reflexive-reciprocal constructions  Laughren, Mary;  2002  
Wanyi word formation and vowel harmony  Laughren, Mary;  2004