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A grammar of Kayardild, with historical-comparative notes on Tangkic  Evans, Nicholas;  1995  
Case stacking in Realizational Morphology  Sadler, Louisa; Nordlinger, Rachel;  2006  
Country and the word : linguistic evidence in the Croker sea claim  Evans, Nicholas;  2002  
Desire in language and thought: a study in crosscultural semantics  Harkins, Jean;  1995  
Double case: agreement by Suffix-aufnahme  Plank, Frans;  1995  
Dyadic constructions  Evans, Nicholas;  2006  
East across a narrow sea: micro-colonization and synthetic prehistory in the Wellesley Islands, Northern Australia  Evans, Nicholas;  2005  
From juxtaposition to incorporation: an approach to generic-specific constructions  Nordlinger, Rachel; Sadler, Louisa;  2008  
Grammaticalized restrictives on adverbials and secondary predicates: evidence from Australian languages  Schultze-Berndt, Eva;  2002  
Insubordination and its uses  Evans, Nicholas;  2007  
Kayardild  Evans, Nicholas;  1994  
Kayardild  Evans, Nicholas;  2006  
Kayardild and the Tangkic languages  Evans, Nicholas;  2005  
Kayardild dictionary and thesaurus  Evans, Nicholas;  1992  
Kayardild, the language of the Bentinck Islanders of north west Queensland  Evans, Nicholas;  1985  
Language and gender research in Australia: some past and current trends  Pauwels, Anne;  1987  
Left-edge tonal events in Kayardild (Australian): a typological perspective  Fletcher, Janet; Evans, Nicholas; Round, Erich;  2002  
Linguistic diversity in space and time  Nichols, Johanna;  1992  
Local and global influences on vowel formants in three Australian languages  Fletcher, Janet; Butcher, Andrew;  2003  
Morphology building syntax: constructive case in Australian languages.  Nordlinger, Rachel;  1997