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A grammar of Kayardild, with historical-comparative notes on Tangkic  Evans, Nicholas;  1995  
A lexicographic study of some Australian languages: project description  Hale, Kenneth;  1983  
Across the Cape - community programs strong in the Far North  Hornsby, Alberta;  1999  
An appendix to ‘A note on Damin kinship terminology’  Woolford, Ellen;  1982  
Australian languages and transformational grammar  Hale, Kenneth;  1965  
Dalabon dual-subject prefixes, kinship categories, and generation skewing  Alpher, Barry;  1982  
Damin and Lardil phonotactics  Nash, David; Hale, Kenneth;  1997  
Deep-surface canonical disparities in relation to analysis and change: an Australian example  Hale, Kenneth;  1973  
Diversity in local language maintenance and restoration: a reason for optimism  Ash, Anna; Fermino, Jessie Little Doe; Hale, Kenneth;  2001  
Harmonic phonology  Goldsmith, John;  1993  
How Lardil became accusative  McConvell, Patrick;  1981  
Kayardild  Evans, Nicholas;  2006  
Kayardild and the Tangkic languages  Evans, Nicholas;  2005  
Kayardild, the language of the Bentinck Islanders of north west Queensland  Evans, Nicholas;  1985  
Kinship reflections in syntax: some Australian languages  Hale, Kenneth;  1966  
Language endangerment and the human value of linguistic diversity  Hale, Kenneth;  1992  
Lardil  Klokeid, Terry;  1976  
Lardil dictionary: a vocabulary of the language of the Lardil people, Mornington Island, Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland; with English-Lardil finder list  Ngakulmungan Kangka Leman;  1997  
Leerdil Yuujmen bana Yanangarr (old and new Lardil)  Richards, Norvin;  2001  
Macassan loanwords in Top End languages  Evans, Nicholas;  1992