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Aboriginal languages  Ray, Sidney;  1925  
Aboriginal languages of western Queensland  Breen, Gavan;  1971  
Adverbs formed with the verbaliser -ma-  Hercus, Luise;  1997  
All about language  Blake, Barry;  2008  
Australian Aboriginal languages: a general introduction (2nd edition)  Blake, Barry;  1991  
Australian languages  Blake, Barry;  2006  
Can lexicostatistics contribute an absolute time-scale to discussions of continuity of occupation in native title determinations?  Alpher, Barry;  2002  
Classification of Lake Eyre languages  Austin, Peter;  1990  
Économie des changements phonétiques en Australie  Capell, Arthur;  1969  
Ethnological studies among the north-west-central Queensland Aborigines  Roth, Walter Edmund;  1897  
Handbook of Australian languages, volume 1  Dixon, R M W; Blake, Barry;  1979  
Karnic classification revisited  Bowern, Claire;  2001  
Linguistic diffusion in the Birdsville area  Hercus, Luise;  1987  
Miscellaneous papers: 1. Tabu and other forms of restriction; 2.Counting and enumeration; 3.Signals on the road, gesture language; 4.Progressive Koko-yimider exercises, North Queensland Ethnography Bulletin 11  Roth, Walter Edmund;  1908  
Native names and uses of plants in the north-eastern corner of South Australia  Johnston, Thomas; Cleland, John Burton;  1943  
Nominal marking on verbs: some Australian cases  Blake, Barry;  1999  
Nominal tense in crosslinguistic perspective  Nordlinger, Rachel; Sadler, Louisa;  2004  
On the Hamilton River, and near Boulia: the Bitta Bitta tribe  Eglinton, Ernest;  1886  
On the prehistory of some Australian verbs  Merlan, Francesca;  1979  
Pitta-Pitta  Blake, Barry;  1979