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Australian languages  Nekes, Hermann; Worms, Ernest;  2006  
Australian mythological terms: their etymology and dispersion  Worms, Ernest;  1957  
Diagnostic similarities and differences between Nyulnyulan and neighbouring languages  Bowern, Claire;  2004  
Foreign words in some Kimberley tribes of north-western Australia  Worms, Ernest;  1938  
H. Nekes and E.A. Worms’ Australian languages  Worms, Ernest;  1953  
Kimberley: Classification and subclassification of the Nyulnyulan languages  Stokes, Bronwyn; McGregor, William;  2003  
Non-verbal predicative possession in Nyulnyulan languages  McGregor, William;  2001  
Onomatopoeia in some Kimberley tribes of north-western Australia  Worms, Ernest;  1938  
Sense of smell of the Australian Aborigines: a psychological and linguistic study of the natives of the Kimberley Division  Worms, Ernest;  1942  
Songs from the Kimberleys. Companion booklet for a 12" LP disc (AIAS/13)  Moyle, Alice;  1968  
The Aboriginal mind at work: semantic notes on Australian languages  Worms, Ernest;  1946  
The grammar of nominal prefixing in Nyulnyul  McGregor, William;  1995  
The poetry of the Yaoro and Bad, north-western Australia  Worms, Ernest;  1957  
The pronoun in the Nyol-Nyol (Nyul-Nyul) and related dialects  Nekes, Hermann;  1938  
Verbannungslied eines australischen Wildbeuters: ein Beitrag zur Lyrik der Bad  Worms, Ernest;  1959