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'Finch' versus 'Finch-water': a study of some Aboriginal place-names in South Australia  Hercus, Luise; Potezny, Vlad;  1999  
Fruit of the eyes: semantic diffusion in the Lakes languages of South Australia  Austin, Peter; Ellis, R; Hercus, Luise;  1976  
Ghuungagu nharangga warra : children's Narungga dictionary  Narungga Aboriginal Progress Association;  2006  
Its ours to keep and call our own: reclamation of the Nunga languages in the Adelaide region, South Australia  Amery, Robert;  1995  
Kamilaroi and Kurnai. Facsimile edition  Fison, Lorimer; Howitt, A W;  1991  
Language of the month 14: Narungga  FATSIL;  2002  
Language policy and its impact on the maintenance and loss of Indigenous language in Australia : a study of the Narungga language of Yorke Peninsula, South Australia  Haslinger, Ulrike;  2005  
Language policy issues involved in the reclamation of Narungga in South Australia  Haslinger, Ulrike;  2007  
Nharangga dhura midji = Narungga family terms  Narungga Aboriginal Progress Association; Eira, Kris; Wanganeen, Tania; Smith, Monique;  2010  
Nharangga Warra = Narungga Dictionary  Narungga Aboriginal Progress Association;  2006  
Notes on the Narangga tribe of Yorke Peninsula  Hill, David; Hill, Sandré;  1975  
Nunga languages at Kaurna Plains School, Adelaide  Varcoe, Nelson;  1994  
Publish or perish: observations on the reasons for writing in Aboriginal languages  Gale, Mary-Anne;  1992  
The fragments of Budderer's waddy - a new Narungga grammar Vol. 1: Community and schools resource  Wanganeen, Tania; Eira, Kris;  2006  
Thura-Yura as a subgroup  Simpson, Jane; Hercus, Luise;  2004  
Topicality in ergative and accusative languages  Tsunoda, Tasaku;  1986  
Vocabularies of four South Australian languages: Adelaide, Narrunga, Kukata, and Narrinyeri - with special reference to their speech sounds  Black, John McConnell;  1920  
Yorke’s Peninsula  Kühn, Wilhelm;  1886  
Yorke’s Peninsula, South Australia.  Fowler, William;  1886