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‘A native died sudden at Lake Allallina’  Hercus, Luise; Koch, Grace;  1996  
‘Antipassif’, aspect imperfectif et autonomie du sujet  Tchekhoff, Claude;  1987  
A grammar of Diyari, South Australia  Austin, Peter;  1981  
A grammar of the Diyari language of north east South Australia  Austin, Peter;  1978  
A preliminary analysis of the laminal lateral in Pama-Nyungan languages  Fitzgerald, Susan;  1997  
Aboriginal languages  Ray, Sidney;  1925  
Aboriginal languages of western Queensland  Breen, Gavan;  1971  
Affixes of motion and direction in Adnyamathanha  Tunbridge, Dorothy;  1988  
Afghans and Aborigines: Diyari texts  Murray, Ben; Austin, Peter;  1981  
An essay on stress  Halle, Morris; Vergnaud, Jean-Roger;  1987  
Anthropology  Helms, R;  1896  
Aspect, transitivity, ‘antipassives’ and some Australian languages  Tchekhoff, Claude;  1985  
Australian kin classification  Scheffler, H W;  1977  
Australian kin classification  Scheffler, H W;  1978  
Australische Forschungen, II: Dieri-Grammatik  Planert, W;  1908  
Ben Murray (Palku-nguyu-thangkayiwarna)  Austin, Peter; Jones, Philip; Hercus, Luise;  1990  
Ben Murray (Parlku-Nguyu-Thangkayiwarna).  Austin, Peter; Hercus, Luise; Jones, Philip;  1988  
Bible translating in Australia  Douglas, Wilfrid;  1963  
Botenstäbe und Wegzeichen in Australien  Frank, Amalie Maria;  1940  
Case systems and case marking in Australian languages: a new interpretation  Goddard, Cliff;  1982