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“Ergative/accusative” typologies in morphology and syntax  Heath, Jeffrey;  1976  
A case of intensive lexical diffusion: Arnhem Land, Australia  Heath, Jeffrey;  1981  
Arnhem Land : an initial reconstruction of Proto Gunwinyguan phonology  Harvey, Mark;  2003  
Aspects of the socio-political history of Ngukurr (Roper River) and its effect on language change  Sandefur, John;  1985  
Aspectual “skewing” in two Australian languages: Mara, Nunggubuyu  Heath, Jeffrey;  1981  
Australian Aboriginal and Islander mathematics  Harris, John W;  1987  
Bantu and North Australian: a study in agglutination  Capell, Arthur;  1951  
Bible translating in Australia  Douglas, Wilfrid;  1963  
Classifications of Australian languages, including Tasmanian  Wurm, Stephen;  1971  
Clitic sequences in Nunggubuyu and PF convergence  Noyer, Rolf;  2001  
Coordination: an adaptationist view  Heath, Jeffrey;  2004  
Desire in language and thought: a study in crosscultural semantics  Harkins, Jean;  1995  
Dyadic kinship terms  Merlan, Francesca; Heath, Jeffrey;  1982  
Functional grammar of Nunggubuyu  Heath, Jeffrey;  1984  
Grammaticalized restrictives on adverbials and secondary predicates: evidence from Australian languages  Schultze-Berndt, Eva;  2002  
Heads in discourse: structural versus functional centricity  Nichols, Johanna;  1993  
Language and world view in the northern Kimberley, Western Australia  Capell, Arthur;  1960  
Language contact, pidgins and the emergence of Kriol in the Northern Territory: theoretical and historical perspectives  Harris, John W;  1984  
Languages of Australia and Tasmania  Wurm, Stephen;  1972  
Linguistic approaches to Nunggubuyu ethnozoology and ethnobotany  Heath, Jeffrey;  1978