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'Too long, that wangga': analysing wangga texts over time  Ford, Lysbeth;  2007  
A description of the Emmi language of the Northern Territory of Australia  Ford, Lysbeth;  1998  
Daly Family languages, Australia  Tryon, Darrell;  1974  
Emiyenggal and Batjemal folk classifications, Cox Peninsula, Northern Territory: “Figuring” continuity and contingency  Povinelli, Elizabeth;  1990  
Ethnobotanical notes from Belyuen, Northern Australia  Smith, Nicholas; Wightman, Glenn;  1990  
Evaluation report of Marriammu language  Brown, Arnold;  2000  
Finding language, finding identity  Brown, Arnold;  2002  
Noun classification and concord in the Daly River languages  Tryon, Darrell;  1970  
Sociolinguistic survey report: Daly River region languages  Ellis, James;  1988  
Sociolinguistic survey report: Wagait region languages  Ellis, James;  1988  
The Daly Family  Tryon, Darrell;  1976  
The Daly Language Family: a structural survey  Tryon, Darrell;  1970  
The Daly River languages: a survey  Tryon, Darrell;  1968