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"Ken Hale would just love this" : finding the 31st Ngan'gityemerri finite verb  Reid, Nicholas;  2001  
Class and classifier in Ngan'gityemerri  Reid, Nicholas;  1997  
Complex verb collocations in Ngan'gityemerri: a non-derivational strategy for encoding valency alternations  Reid, Nicholas;  2000  
Ngan'gi  Reid, Nicholas;  2006  
Ngan'gi Dictionary  Reid, Nicholas; McTaggart, Patricia Marrfurra;  2008  
Ngan’gityemerri: a language of the Daly River region, Northern Territory of Australia  Reid, Nicholas;  1990  
Phrasal verb to synthetic verb: recorded morphosyntactic change in Ngan'gityemerri  Reid, Nicholas;  2003  
Sit right down the back: serialized posture verbs in Ngan'gityemerri and other Northern Australian languages  Reid, Nicholas;  2002  
Writing on the backs of the Blacks  Rhydwen, Mari;  1996