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A grammar of the Tiwi language of North Australia  Osborne, Charles;  1970  
A reanalysis of Tiwi /o/  Breen, Gavan;  1979  
A typology of concept domination  Capell, Arthur;  1965  
Aboriginal teachers write about their community languages  Anonymous;  1987  
Access to Tiwi: resource material for people interested in basic linguistic survival skills in the Tiwi language of Bathurst Island (Northern Territory)  Lefort, B; Nguiu Nginingawila Language Centre;  1987  
Acoustic characteristics of Tiwi coronal stops  Anderson, Victoria; Maddieson, Ian;  1994  
Annual reports of teacher/linguists in the bilingual schools of the Northern Territory Department of Education  Northern Territory: Department of Education;  197?-82  
Australian Aboriginal languages: a general introduction (2nd edition)  Blake, Barry;  1991  
Changes in Tiwi language.  Pilling, Arnold;  1970  
Contact languages at the Northern Territory British military settlements 1824-1849  Harris, John W;  1985  
Country and the word : linguistic evidence in the Croker sea claim  Evans, Nicholas;  2002  
Diprotodon to detribalization: studies of change among Australian Aborigines  Pilling, Arnold; Waterman, R A;  1970  
Expressions of grief among Aboriginal women  Berndt, Catherine;  1950  
From policy to anti-policy: how fear of language rights took policy-making out of community hands  Lo Bianco, Joseph;  2001  
Languages of Australia and Tasmania  Wurm, Stephen;  1972  
Languages past and present  McConvell, Patrick; Thieberger, Nicholas;  2005  
Logical propositions in Modern Tiwi  Godfrey, Marie;  1997  
Macassan loanwords in Top End languages  Evans, Nicholas;  1992  
Mix-im-up speech and emergent mixed languages in indigenous Australia  McConvell, Patrick;  2002  
Ngawurranungurumagi nginingawila ngapangiraga: Tiwi-English dictionary  Lee, Jennifer;  1993