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Coverbs and complex predicates in Wagiman  Wilson, Stephen;  1997  
Coverbs and complex predicates in Wagiman  Wilson, Stephen;  1999  
Glottal stop, underspecification and syllable structures among the Top End languages  Harvey, Mark;  1991  
Mood, tense, aspect and scope in Wagiman  Cook, Anthony;  1986  
Nominal marking on verbs: some Australian cases  Blake, Barry;  1999  
Papers on the languages of Australian Aboriginals  Blake, Barry [et al];  1971  
Participle sentences in Wakiman  Cook, Anthony;  1988  
Sociolinguistic survey report: Daly River region languages  Ellis, James;  1988  
The Daly River languages: a survey  Tryon, Darrell;  1968  
The generic status of Murrinh-Patha  Green, Ian;  2003  
The Wageman language  Tryon, Darrell;  1971  
The Wagiman on-line dictionary  Dalpbalngali, Lulu; Wilson, Stephen; Harvey, Mark;  1999-2001  
Wagiman Matyin; a description of the Wagiman language of the Northern Territory  Cook, Anthony;  1987  
Wakgala mahan matjjin Wagiman - Stories in the Wagiman language of Australia‚Äôs Northern Territory  Emorrotjba, Helen Liddy; Benbo, Paddy Huddlestone; Dalpbalngali, Lulu; Gumbirtbirtda, Clara McMahon;  1998