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Die Eingeborenen der Kolonie s├╝daustralien  Eylmann, Erhard;  1908  
Die Gliederung der australischen Sprachen und ihre Beziehungen zu der soziologischen Gliederung der austra-lischen Stamme  Schmidt, Wilhelm;  1912-18  
Note on the languages of north-west Australia  Ray, Sidney;  1897  
Notes on a comparative table of Australian languages  Taplin, George;  1872  
Some words of the Australian autochthone: an experiment in Australian etymology  Parkhouse, Thomas;  1936  
The Adelaide River: the Woolna tribe  Todd, A J;  1886  
Vocabulary of the Woolner district dialect, Adelaide River, Northern Territory  Bennett, John;  1879  
Western Gunwinyguan  Harvey, Mark;  2003