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Amurdak inyman : six stories in Amurdak  Neidjie, Bill; Mulurinj, Nelson; Mailhammer, Robert; Handelsmann, Robert;  2009  
Country and the word : linguistic evidence in the Croker sea claim  Evans, Nicholas;  2002  
Descriptive and comparative study of the Gunwingguan languages, Northern Territory  Harris, Joy Kinslow;  1969  
kindi ngamin nuwung = what do I call you? : a guide to kinship and address  Marrala, Khaki [et al];  2008  
Macassan loanwords in Top End languages  Evans, Nicholas;  1992  
Man, land & myth in north Australia: the Gunwinggu people  Berndt, Ronald; Berndt, Catherine;  1970  
Place names and land-language associations in the western Top End  Harvey, Mark;  1999  
Recording of oral culture relating to the East Alligator area. Report to the Australian Nature Conservation Agency  Handelsmann, Robert;  1994  
The classification of languages in north and north-west Australia  Capell, Arthur;  1940  
The Gaagudju people and their language  Harvey, Mark;  1992  
The languages of the people at Oenpelli (Kunbarlanja)  Djayhgurrnga, Esther; Singh, Joseph Nabarngadi;  1987  
Towards a description of Amurdak: a language of northern Australia  Handelsmann, Robert;  1991  
Towards an aspect-based analysis of the verb categories of Amurdak  Mailhammer, Robert;  2009  
Wanderings in wild Australia  Spencer, Baldwin;  1928