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Aboriginal languages  Ray, Sidney;  1925  
Arnhem Land : an initial reconstruction of Proto Gunwinyguan phonology  Harvey, Mark;  2003  
Arnhem Land music (north Australia)  Elkin, A P;  1953-56  
Arnhem Land music (north Australia)  Elkin, A P; Jones, Trevor;  1957  
Cave-paintings in Southern Arnhem Land  Elkin, A P;  1952  
Descriptive and comparative study of the Gunwingguan languages, Northern Territory  Harris, Joy Kinslow;  1969  
Die Eingeborenen der Kolonie s├╝daustralien  Eylmann, Erhard;  1908  
Form and context in Jawoyn place names  Merlan, Francesca;  2001  
Glottal stop, underspecification and syllable structures among the Top End languages  Harvey, Mark;  1991  
Jawoyn-English dictionary and English finder-list  Merlan, Francesca; Jacq, Pascale; Jawoyn elders;  2005  
Jawoyn plant identikit: common useful plants in the Katherine area of Northern Australia  Wightman, Glenn; Brown, Jessie;  1994  
Jawoyn plants and animals: Aboriginal flora and fauna knowledge from Nitmiluk National Park and the Katherine area, Northern Australia  Winyjorrotj, Phyllis [et al];  2005  
Jawoyn relationship terms: interactional dimensions of Australian kin classification  Merlan, Francesca;  1989  
Katherine Regional Aboriginal Language Centre  FATSIL;  2006  
Language and territoriality in Aboriginal Australia  Rumsey, Alan;  1993  
Man, land & myth in north Australia: the Gunwinggu people  Berndt, Ronald; Berndt, Catherine;  1970  
Nominal classification and gender in Aboriginal Australia  Harvey, Mark;  1997  
Nominal classification in Aboriginal Australia  Harvey, Mark; Reid, Nicholas;  1997  
Notes on some native tribes of Australia  Mathews, Robert Hamilton;  1906  
Notes on some native tribes of Australia  Mathews, Robert Hamilton;  1907