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A tentative description of the Gunwinggu language (of western Arnhem Land).  Oates, Lynette;  1964  
A tentative description of the Gunwinggu language of western Arnhem Land  Oates, Lynette;  1953  
A typology of concept domination  Capell, Arthur;  1965  
Aboriginal teachers write about their community languages  Anonymous;  1987  
An acoustic and articulatory study of Bininj Gun Wok stop consonants  Stoakes, Hywel; Fletcher, Janet; Butcher, Andrew;  2007  
An interesting couple : the semantic development of dyad morphemes  Evans, Nicholas;  2003  
An Oenpelli monologue: culture-contact  Berndt, Catherine; Berndt, Ronald;  1951  
Annual reports of teacher/linguists in the bilingual schools of the Northern Territory Department of Education  Northern Territory: Department of Education;  197?-82  
Arnhem Land : an initial reconstruction of Proto Gunwinyguan phonology  Harvey, Mark;  2003  
Arnhem Land music (north Australia)  Elkin, A P;  1953-56  
Arnhem Land music (north Australia)  Elkin, A P; Jones, Trevor;  1957  
Articulating Gunwinjgu laminals  Jernudd, Bj√∂rn H;  1974  
Aspects of intonation and prosody in Bininj Gun-wok: an autosegmental-metrical analysis  Bishop, Judith;  2002  
Australian Aboriginal and Islander mathematics  Harris, John W;  1987  
Australian kin classification  Scheffler, H W;  1978  
Beginning linguistics  Capell, Arthur;  1966  
Bininj Gun-wok  Evans, Nicholas;  2004  
Bininj Gun-wok: a pan-dialectal grammar of Mayali, Kunwinjku and Kune  Evans, Nicholas;  2003  
Case  Blake, Barry;  2006  
Classifications of Australian languages, including Tasmanian  Wurm, Stephen;  1971