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Adult literacy workshop supports bilingual education at Maningrida  Bond-Sharp, Helen;  1999  
Annual reports of teacher/linguists in the bilingual schools of the Northern Territory Department of Education  Northern Territory: Department of Education;  197?-82  
Attitudes of Kunibidji speakers to literacy  McKay, Graham;  1982  
Body parts, possession marking and nominal classes in Ndjébbana  McKay, Graham;  1995  
Classifications of Australian languages, including Tasmanian  Wurm, Stephen;  1971  
Computational phylogenetics and the internal structure of Pama-Nyungan  Auld, Glenn;  2002  
Descriptive and comparative study of the Gunwingguan languages, Northern Territory  Harris, Joy Kinslow;  1969  
Designing a writing system  McKay, Graham;  1982  
Extracts from Maningrida Community Meeting 8/12/98, called to discuss the withdrawal of the Bilingual Program from Maningrida School  Maningrida Community Meeting;  1999  
Gender and the category unit augmented  McKay, Graham;  1979  
Gunibidji social, cultural and linguistic orientation  McKay, Graham;  1981  
Handbook of Australian languages, vol. 5  Dixon, R M W; Blake, Barry;  2000  
Languages of Australia and Tasmania  Wurm, Stephen;  1972  
Lexicography and the Ndjébbana (Kunibidji) bilingual education program  McKay, Graham;  1983  
Macassan loanwords in Top End languages  Evans, Nicholas;  1992  
Man, land & myth in north Australia: the Gunwinggu people  Berndt, Ronald; Berndt, Catherine;  1970  
Maningrida Community Education Centre handbook  Maningrida Community Education Centre;  2008  
Multilingualism and lingua francas among Australian Aborigines: a case study of Maningrida  Elwell, Vanessa;  1977  
Ndjébbana  McKay, Graham;  2000  
Ndjébbana (Kunibidji) grammar: miscellaneous morphological and syntactic notes  McKay, Graham;  1984