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A grammar of Gurr-goni (North Central Arnhem Land)  Green, Rebecca;  1995  
Gurr-goni, a minority language in a multilingual community: surviving into the 21st century  Green, Rebecca;  2003  
Multilingualism and lingua francas among Australian Aborigines: a case study of Maningrida  Elwell, Vanessa;  1977  
Notes on songs of Arnhem Land  Hiatt, Lester; Hiatt, Betty;  1966  
Proto-Maningrida stop series  Gabina, Cathy;  2001  
Proto Maningrida with proto Arnhem: evidence from verbal inflectional suffixes  Green, Rebecca;  2003  
Some social factors affecting multilingualism among Aboriginal Australians: a case study of Maningrida  Elwell, Vanessa;  1982  
The problem of body parts and noun class membership in Australian languages  Evans, Nicholas;  1994