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Ngan'gi  Reid, Nicholas;  2006  
Ngan'gi dictionary  Reid, Nicholas; McTaggart, Patricia Marrfurra;  2009  
Ngan'gi Dictionary  Reid, Nicholas; McTaggart, Patricia Marrfurra;  2008  
Ngan'gikurungurr and Ngangiwumirri ethnobotany: Aboriginal plant use from the Daly River area, Northern Australia  Marrfurra, Patricia [et al];  1995  
Ngan’gityemerri: a language of the Daly River region, Northern Territory of Australia  Reid, Nicholas;  1990  
Ngangikurungur  Hoddinott, William; Kofod, Frances;  1976  
Sociolinguistic survey report: Daly River region languages  Ellis, James;  1988  
Some thoughts on bi-lingual education  Ungunmerr-Baumann, Miriam-Rose;  1999  
The basic morphology of Ngangikurunggurr  Reid, Nicholas;  1982  
The Daly Language Family: a structural survey  Tryon, Darrell;  1970  
The Daly River languages: a survey  Tryon, Darrell;  1968  
The Ngankikurungkurr language (Daly River area, Northern Territory)  Hoddinott, William; Kofod, Frances;  1988