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'I'm going to where-her-brisket-is': placenames in the Roper  Baker, Brett;  2002  
A case of intensive lexical diffusion: Arnhem Land, Australia  Heath, Jeffrey;  1981  
A study of the Wangurri language  McLellan, Marilyn;  1992  
Arnhem Land : an initial reconstruction of Proto Gunwinyguan phonology  Harvey, Mark;  2003  
Australian languages  Blake, Barry;  2006  
Descriptive and comparative study of the Gunwingguan languages, Northern Territory  Harris, Joy Kinslow;  1969  
Discourse in the field: clause structure in Ngandi  Heath, Jeffrey;  1985  
Glottal stop, underspecification and syllable structures among the Top End languages  Harvey, Mark;  1991  
Is basic word order universal?  Mithun, Marianne;  1987  
Is basic word order universal? (reprint of 1987)  Mithun, Marianne;  1992  
Language contact, pidgins and the emergence of Kriol in the Northern Territory: theoretical and historical perspectives  Harris, John W;  1984  
Linguistic diffusion in Arnhem Land  Heath, Jeffrey;  1976  
Linguistic diffusion in Arnhem Land  Heath, Jeffrey;  1978  
Lost wax: abrupt replacement of key morphemes in Australian agreement complexes  Heath, Jeffrey;  1997  
Natives of Groote Eylandt and of the west coast of the Gulf of Carpentaria, part III: Languages of eastern Arnhem Land  Tindale, Norman;  1928  
Ngandi grammar, texts and dictionary  Heath, Jeffrey;  1978  
Nominal classification and gender in Aboriginal Australia  Harvey, Mark;  1997  
Nominal classification in Aboriginal Australia  Harvey, Mark; Reid, Nicholas;  1997  
North-east Arnhem Land  Heath, Jeffrey;  1976  
Northern Territory pidgins and the origin of Kriol  Harris, John W;  1986