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'I'm going to where-her-brisket-is': placenames in the Roper  Baker, Brett;  2002  
A case of intensive lexical diffusion: Arnhem Land, Australia  Heath, Jeffrey;  1981  
Alawa  Sharpe, Margaret;  1976  
Alawa and its neighbours: Enigma variations 1 and 2  Sharpe, Margaret;  2008  
Alawa case relationships  Sharpe, Margaret;  1970  
Alawa ethnobotany: Aboriginal plant use from Minyerri, Northern Australia  Jackson, Donna; Wightman, Glenn; Williams, Lorraine;  1991  
Alawa Nanggaya Nindanya Yalanu junggulu =Alawa-Kriol-English dictionary, shorter edition  Sharpe, Margaret;  2001  
Alawa Nanggaya Nindanya Yalanu rugalarra =Alawa-Kriol-English dictionary, longer edition  Sharpe, Margaret;  2001  
Alawa phonology and grammar  Cunningham, Margaret;  1969  
Alawa phonology and grammar  Sharpe, Margaret;  1972  
Alawa, Mara and Warndarang  Sharpe, Margaret;  1976  
Classifications of Australian languages, including Tasmanian  Wurm, Stephen;  1971  
Comparative: a neglected category in Australian linguistics?  Schweiger, Fritz;  1984  
Gadjari among the Walbiri Aborigines of central Australia  Meggitt, Mervyn;  1965-66  
How useful and usable are dictionaries for speakers of Australian Indigenous languages  Simpson, Jane; Corris, Miriam; Manning, Christopher ;  2004  
Kunapipi: a study of an Australian Aboriginal religious cult  Berndt, Ronald;  1951  
Language contact, pidgins and the emergence of Kriol in the Northern Territory: theoretical and historical perspectives  Harris, John W;  1984  
Linguistic trends in Australia: papers presented to the A.I.A.S. Linguistics Group May 1968  Laycock, Donald;  1970  
Moving into the mission  Roberts, Barnabas; Sharpe, Margaret;  1986  
Natives of Groote Eylandt and of the west coast of the Gulf of Carpentaria, part III: Languages of eastern Arnhem Land  Tindale, Norman;  1928