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"Double reference" in Kala Lagaw Ya narratives  Stirling, Lesley;  2008  
A case for bilingual education on Saibai Island  Cunnington, Rose;  1984  
A study of the languages of Torres Straits, with vocabularies and grammatical notes  Ray, Sidney; Haddon, A C;  1893-97  
A study of the languages of Torres Straits.  Ray, Sidney; Haddon, A C;  1897  
Aboriginal languages  Ray, Sidney;  1925  
Australia's indigenous languages  Senior Secondary Assessment Board of South Australia;  1996  
Australian languages  Hale, Kenneth;  2001  
Clauses in Kala Lagaw Ya  Kennedy, Rod;  1985  
Dictionary of Torres Strait languages  Ray, Sidney;  2001  
Dictionary of Torres Strait languages, 2nd edition  Ray, Sidney;  2003  
Education language and ideology: a Torres Strait case study  Orr, Geoffrey;  1977  
Ergative switching in Kala Lagau Langgus  Bani, Ephraim; Klokeid, Terry;  1976  
Ergativity  Comrie, Bernard;  1978  
Eseli’s notebook: translated from Kala Lagaw Ya into English, edited and annotated by Anna Shnukal and Rod Mitchell, with Yuriko Nagata  Eseli, Peter;  1998  
Feminine as the unmarked grammatical gender: buffalo girls are no fools  Alpher, Barry;  1987  
From monolingualism to multilingualism in Australia’s Torres Strait island communities  Shnukal, Anna;  1995  
Garka a ipika: masculine and feminine grammatical gender in Kala Lagaw Ya (Co-translator and editor: Barry Alpher)  Bani, Ephraim;  1987  
Indigenous languages  Blake, Barry;  2007  
Language and the languages in the Torres Strait islands  Rechnitz, Wilhelm;  1961  
Language of the month 13: Miriam Mir and Kala Lagaw Ya  Nettey, Kay;  2001