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A sketch grammar of Dyabugay  Patz, Elisabeth;  1978  
Aboriginal Language Maintenance Project  Schmidt, Annette;  1987  
Alive and deadly: reviving and maintaining Australian indigenous languages  Pollard, Ruth; Boson, Mary;  1995  
An Aboriginal dictionary book in the Djabugay language  Students Of Smithfield State High School;  1987  
Dja:bugay  Hale, Kenneth;  1976  
Djabugay  Patz, Elisabeth;  1991  
Djabugay ngirrma gulu (Djabugay language here)  Banning, Roy (Wanyarra); Quinn, Michael;  1989  
Djabugay: an illustrated English-Djabugay dictionary  Quinn, Michael; Averis, Meriel; Johnson, Kim;  1992  
Handbook of Australian languages vol. 4: The Aboriginal language of Melbourne and other grammatical sketches  Dixon, R M W; Blake, Barry;  1991  
Language contact in the Cairns Rainforest Region  Dixon, R M W;  2008  
Languages of Cape York  Sutton, Peter;  1976  
Mbabaram: a dying Australian language  Dixon, R M W;  1966  
Nganydj ngirrna Djabugay: our language Djabugay  Banning, Roy (Wanyarra);  1989  
Nganydjin bulmba: our country  Quinn, Michael; Banning, Roy (Wanyarra); McLeod, Frank; Averis, Meriel;  1992  
On the Omaha trail in Australia: tracking skewing from east to west  McConvell, Patrick; Alpher, Barry;  2002  
Report on the Government Scientific Expedition to the Bellenden-Ker Range (Wooroonooran), North Queensland  Meston, Archibald;  1889  
Review of Dixon, R M W, and Blake, B J, eds 1991 Handbook of Australian languages, volume 3  O'Grady, Geoffrey;  1991  
The Djabugay language at Kuranda State School, Kuranda, Queensland  Johnson, Kim;  1994  
Tjapukai cultural renewal in the Kuranda region of Queensland.  Bresson, Marie;  2007  
Tribes, languages and other boundaries in northeast Queensland  Dixon, R M W;  1976