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(Oosutoraria genjuumingo kara mita) shoyuukankei to shoyuuhyougen (Possession relationship and possession expressions (as compared with Australian Aboriginal languages))  Tsunoda, Tasaku;  1992  
A grammar of the Warungu language, North Queensland  Tsunoda, Tasaku;  1974  
A note on voice in Warungu  Tsunoda, Tasaku;  1974  
A provisional Warrungu dictionary  Tsunoda, Tasaku;  2003  
Antipassives in Warrungu and other Australian languages  Tsunoda, Tasaku;  1988  
Applicative constructions in Warrungu of Australia  Tsunoda, Tasaku;  1998  
Aspect and transitivity of iterative constructions in Warrungu  Tsunoda, Tasaku;  1999  
Attempt at the revival of Warrungu (Australia): its cultural and scientific significance  Tsunoda, Tasaku;  2004  
Black language reborn in the glow of the rising sun  Hodge, Amanda;  2004  
Coreference and related issues in Warrungu discourse  Tsunoda, Tasaku;  1987  
Ergativity and coreference in Warrungu discourse  Tsunoda, Tasaku;  1985  
Ergativity, accusativity and topicality  Tsunoda, Tasaku;  1988  
Expression of possession in Warrungu of Australia  Tsunoda, Tasaku;  1997  
Gali constructions and voice expressions in Warungu  Tsunoda, Tasaku;  1975  
Gugu-Badhun and its neighbours: a linguistic salvage study  Sutton, Peter;  1973  
Herbert River  Stephen, William;  1886  
Ichiokunin no Nihongo, nimei no Warrungu (Japanese with 100 million speakers, and Warrungu with two speakers)  Tsunoda, Tasaku;  1994  
Language endangerment and language revitalization  Tsunoda, Tasaku;  2005  
Languages of the Cairns rain forest region  Dixon, R M W;  1970  
Mbabaram: a dying Australian language  Dixon, R M W;  1966