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Aboriginal languages and assimilation  Elkin, A P;  1963  
An elementary grammar of the Nggerikudi language, by Rev. J.N. Hey, revised and edited by W.E. Roth  Roth, Walter Edmund;  1903  
Comparison of some Australian languages  See, Richard;  1965  
Elementary grammar of the Nggerikudi language. North Queensland Ethnography, Bulletin 6  Hey, I Nicholas;  1903  
Miscellaneous papers: 1. Tabu and other forms of restriction; 2.Counting and enumeration; 3.Signals on the road, gesture language; 4.Progressive Koko-yimider exercises, North Queensland Ethnography Bulletin 11  Roth, Walter Edmund;  1908  
Social and individual nomenclature, North Queensland Ethnography Bulletin 18  Roth, Walter Edmund;  1910  
The languages of Cape York Peninsula, North Queensland.  Ray, Sidney;  1907