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A sketch grammar of Meryam Mir  Piper, Nick;  1989  
A study of the languages of Torres Straits, with vocabularies and grammatical notes  Ray, Sidney; Haddon, A C;  1893-97  
A study of the languages of Torres Straits.  Ray, Sidney; Haddon, A C;  1897  
Australia's indigenous languages  Senior Secondary Assessment Board of South Australia;  1996  
Beiträge zur Kenntnis der melanesi-schen, mikronesischen und papuani-schen Sprache  Gabelentz, Georg von der; Meyer, A B;  1883  
British New Guinea vocabularies  McFarlane, Samuel;  1889  
Comparative vocabularies of two of the languages of the neighbourhood of Cape York  Macgillivray, John;  1852  
Dictionary of Torres Strait languages  Ray, Sidney;  2001  
Dictionary of Torres Strait languages, 2nd edition  Ray, Sidney;  2003  
Die Sprache von Errub und Maer. pp 551-536 in Gabelentz, Georg von der, and Meyer, A B, Beiträge zur Kenntnis der melanesischen, mikronesischen und papuanischen Sprache  Grübe, W;  1882  
Eastern Torres Strait Islander songs  Townsend, Hamish;  2007  
Education language and ideology: a Torres Strait case study  Orr, Geoffrey;  1977  
Ergativity and grammatical relations in Kalaw Lagaw Ya (Saibai dialect)  Comrie, Bernard;  1981  
Ethnographical notes on the Murray Islands  Hunt, Archibald;  1898  
Evangelia Mareko detali. The Gospel by Mark in the Murray Island dialect, Torres Straits  Scott, Tait;  1879  
Examples of the Language of Saibai Island, Torres Straits (The position of the language of Saibai Island, Torres Straits)  Laade, Wolfgang;  1970  
First lesson book from Darnley Island, Torres Straits  McFarlane, Samuel;  1876  
From monolingualism to multilingualism in Australia’s Torres Strait island communities  Shnukal, Anna;  1995  
Glossary of turtle vernacular names used in the New Guinea region  Rhodin, Anders; Spring, Sylvia; Pritchard, Peter;  1980  
Grammatik der Sprache von Murray Island  Schulenburg, Albrecht Conon von der;  1877