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Across the Cape - community programs strong in the Far North  Hornsby, Alberta;  1999  
An analysis of the progressive morpheme in Umpila verbs: a revision of a former attempt  Harris, Bobarbara P; O'Grady, Geoffrey;  1976  
Anthropology and botany: turning over a new leaf  Chase, Athol; Sturmer, John von;  1980  
Australian kin classification  Scheffler, H W;  1978  
Autosegmental spreading and phoneme copying in reduplicative processes  Davis, Stuart;  1986  
Dalabon dual-subject prefixes, kinship categories, and generation skewing  Alpher, Barry;  1982  
Discontiguity in Umpila and Mangarrayi  Jones, Caroline;  2001  
Initial apicals in Nuclear Pama-Nyungan  Hendrie, Timothy;  1990  
Ken Hale: an appreciation  Dixon, R M W;  2004  
Kinship and behaviour in North Queensland  Thomson, Donald;  1972  
Kinship semantics: lexical universals as a key to psychological reality  Wierzbicka, Anna;  1987  
Languages of Cape York  Sutton, Peter;  1976  
Lockhart River ‘sand beach’ language: an outline of Kuuku Ya’u and Umpila  Thompson, David;  1988  
Names and naming in the Wik Mongkan tribe  Thomson, Donald;  1946  
Reduplication in Umpila  Levin, Juliette;  1985  
Report on the Aboriginals of Queensland  Meston, Archibald;  1896  
Saying nothing: the language of joking relationships in Aboriginal Australia  Garde, Murray;  1996  
The failure of the evidence of shared innovations in Cape York Peninsula  Black, Paul;  2004  
The joking relationship and organized obscenity in North Queensland  Thomson, Donald;  1935  
The languages of Eastern Cape York Peninsula and linguistic anthropology  Rigsby, Bruce;  2005