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Handbook of Australian languages, vol. 5  Dixon, R M W; Blake, Barry;  2000  
Kugu Nganhcara  Smith, Ian; Johnson, Steve;  2000  
Linguistic evidence and native title cases in Australia  Sutton, Peter;  2002  
Sociolinguistic patterns in an unstratified society: the patrilects of Kugu Nganhcara  Smith, Ian; Johnson, Steve;  1986  
The independence of syntax and phonology in cliticization  Klavans, Judith;  1985  
The status of classifiers in Kugu Nganhcara nominals  Johnson, Steve;  1988  
The syntax of clitic cross-referencing pronouns in Kugu Nganhcara  Johnson, Steve; Smith, Ian;  1985  
The Wik region: economy, territoriality and totemism in western Cape York Peninsula, North Queensland  Sturmer, John von;  1978  
Typology of ergativity  McGregor, William;  2009