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Australian kin classification  Scheffler, H W;  1978  
Formalizing Yir-Yiront lenition  Alpher, Barry;  1988  
Ideophones in interaction with intonation and the expression of new information in some indigenous languages of Australia  Alpher, Barry;  2001  
Kinship and behaviour in North Queensland  Thomson, Donald;  1972  
Languages of Cape York  Sutton, Peter;  1976  
Learn Yir-Yoront  Ngerr-Thuy; Alpher, Barry;  2001  
Notes on songs of Arnhem Land  Hiatt, Lester; Hiatt, Betty;  1966  
On the genetic subgrouping of the languages of southwestern Cape York Peninsula, Australia  Alpher, Barry;  1972  
On the Omaha trail in Australia: tracking skewing from east to west  McConvell, Patrick; Alpher, Barry;  2002  
Out-of-the-ordinary ways of using a language  Alpher, Barry;  1993  
Papers on Australian languages  Pensalfini, Robert; Richards, Norvin;  2001  
Phonological peculiarities of Yir-Yoront song words  Alpher, Barry;  1976  
Review of Alpher, B, 1991 Yir-Yoront lexicon: sketch and dictionary of an Australian language  Dixon, R M W;  1995  
Review of Alpher, Barry, 1991 Yir-Yoront lexicon: sketch and dictionary of an Australian language  Rigsby, Bruce;  1993  
Son of ergative: the Yir Yoront language of northeast Australia  Alpher, Barry;  1973  
The archaism and linguistic connections of some Yir-Yoront tract-names  Alpher, Barry;  2002  
The dreams of the Yir Yoront  Sharp, Richard;  1969  
The failure of the evidence of shared innovations in Cape York Peninsula  Black, Paul;  2004  
Vernacular and English: language comprehension by some North Queensland Aborigines  Marsh, James; Sommer, Bruce;  1969  
We came here on different boats: observations on distributivity as marked in two widely separated Australian languages, with thoughts on the number 1  Alpher, Barry;  2001