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‘Eye’ and ‘no-good’ in semantic extension  Sommer, Bruce;  1978  
A note on Sommers claim that there exist languages without CV syllables  Darden, Bill;  1971  
An Australian language without CV syllables  Sommer, Bruce;  1970  
Comparative: a neglected category in Australian linguistics?  Schweiger, Fritz;  1984  
Kunjen phonology: synchronic and diachronic  Sommer, Bruce;  1969  
Kunjen pronouns and kinship  Sommer, Bruce; Sommer, Elaine;  1967  
Kunjen syntax: a generative view  Sommer, Bruce;  1972  
Kunjen: kinship and communication  Sommer, Bruce;  1998  
Norman Pama historical phonology  Black, Paul;  1980  
Ogh Unjdjan  Sommer, Bruce;  1976  
On the genetic subgrouping of the languages of southwestern Cape York Peninsula, Australia  Alpher, Barry;  1972  
Out-of-the-ordinary ways of using a language  Alpher, Barry;  1993  
Phonology in the 1980’s  Goyvaerts, D L;  1981  
Social and individual nomenclature, North Queensland Ethnography Bulletin 18  Roth, Walter Edmund;  1910  
Speaking Kunjen: An ethnography of Oykangand kinship and communication, the Cape York region of northern Queensland, Australia  Sommer, Bruce;  2006  
The deixis of space in Oykangand  Sommer, Bruce;  1991  
The shape of Kunjen syllables  Sommer, Bruce;  1981  
Vernacular and English: language comprehension by some North Queensland Aborigines  Marsh, James; Sommer, Bruce;  1969