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[Vocabulary of Goa, Miorli, and Coo-coo-warra tribes, Queensland]  Dutton, H S;  1901  
Aghu Tharrnggala: a language of the Princess Charlotte Bay region of Cape York Peninsula.  Jolly, Lesley;  1989  
Kuku-Thaypan descriptive and historical phonology  Rigsby, Bruce;  1976  
Languages of Cape York  Sutton, Peter;  1976  
Notes on some Australian tribes with Appendix of Aboriginal words  Palmer, Edward;  1883  
Possession in Kuku-Thaypan  Rigsby, Bruce;  1976  
The verbal system in Awu Alaya, a Thaypanic language of the Cape York peninsula  Schmidt, Erica;  2005  
Three Lamalamic languages of north Queensland  Laycock, Donald;  1969