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A basic Kukatja to English dictionary  Valiquette, Hilaire ;  1993  
A century of effort: contributions to the study of Aboriginal ethnology and linguistics by Pallottine missionaries in North West Western Australia.  Bindon, Peter;  2001  
A desert Aborigine’s view of health and nutrition  Wiminydji;  1978  
Aboriginal language maintenance: some issues and strategies  Thieberger, Nicholas;  1988  
Aboriginal place names in Kimberley, Western Australia: an etymological and mythological study  Worms, Ernest;  1944  
An introductory grammar of the Gugada dialect  Platt, John;  1968  
Aranda phonetics  Strehlow, T G H;  1942  
Australian linguistic classification: a plea for coordination of effort  Klokeid, Terry; O'Grady, Geoffrey;  1969  
Australian mythological terms: their etymology and dispersion  Worms, Ernest;  1957  
Body and soul: an Aboriginal view. Edited by Peter Bindon  Peile, A R;  1997  
Communicability of some Western Desert communilects  Hansen, Kenneth;  1984  
Final report: AIAS national lexicography project  Nash, David; Simpson, Jane;  1989  
Good medicine, good dry  Peile, A R;  1977  
Gugadja Aborigines and frogs  Peile, A R;  1978  
H. Nekes and E.A. Worms’ Australian languages  Worms, Ernest;  1953  
Handbook of W. A. Aboriginal languages  Thieberger, Nicholas;  1987  
Handbook of Western Australian Aboriginal languages south of the Kimberley region  Thieberger, Nicholas;  1993  
Handbook on the Kukatja language  Neville, Maurice;  1991  
How to spell words in South Kimberley languages  Hudson, Joyce; McGregor, William;  1986  
Kimberley Aboriginal languages: teachers handbook  Davey, Carolyn; Hudson, Joyce; Mur-nane, Helen;  1996