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A hole in the ground and a quarry  Hercus, Luise;  2005  
A report on the sign language of the Western Desert (Australia)  Miller, Wick;  1978  
Dialect differentiation in the Western Desert language  Miller, Wick;  1972  
Linguistic and social research in the Western Desert  Raa, Ten; Woenne, Susan Tod;  1973  
Mobile affixes in Huave: optimality and morphological wellformedness  Noyer, Rolf;  1994  
Origins of the Western Desert language: convergence in linguistic and archaeological space and time models  Veth, Peter;  2000  
Problems of communication in Western Desert courtrooms  Liberman, Kenneth;  1978  
Research dictionary of the Western Desert language of Australia  Raa, Ten; Woenne, Susan Tod;  1973  
The hermeneutics of intercultural communication  Liberman, Kenneth;  1984  
The Western Desert Code: An Australian cryptogrammar  Rose, David;  2001  
The Western Desert vs the rest: rethinking the contrast  Keen, Ian;  1997  
Western Desert and Native Title: How Models Become Myths  Dousset, Laurent; Glaskin, Katie;  2007