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'Born is nothing': roots, family trees, and other connections to land in the Victoria River District and Kimberleys  McConvell, Patrick;  2000  
"Both sides of the bitumen" : Ken Hale remembering 1959  Green, Jennifer; Devitt, Jeannie; Hale, Kenneth;  2001  
[an interface for browsing the Warlpiri dictionary]  Jansz, Kevin;  1998  
‘No-name’ in Central Australia  Nash, David; Simpson, Jane;  1981  
A Central Australian men’s love song  Wild, Stephen;  1990  
A chance to speak: Uni Nampijinpa's Warlukurlangu  Cataldi, Lee;  1998  
A comprehensive theory of switch-reference  Tsujimura, Natsuko;  1987  
A cross-linguistic study of transitivity alternations  Guerssel, Mohamed; Hale, Kenneth; Laughren, Mary; Levin, Beth; White Eagle, Josie;  1985  
A functional approach to ellipsis  Bavin, Edith;  2000  
A government-binding based parser for Warlpiri: a free-word order language  Kashket, Michael;  1987  
A learner's guide to Warlpiri, tape course for beginners  Laughren, Mary; Hoogenraad, Robert; Granites, Robin Japanangka; Hale, Kenneth;  1996  
A learner’s guide to Eastern and Central Arrernte  Green, Jennifer;  1994  
A lexicographic study of some Australian languages: project description  Hale, Kenneth;  1983  
A note on a Walbiri tradition of antonymy  Hale, Kenneth;  1971  
A note on Anna Wierzbicka’s comments on the Warlpiri dictionary project  Laughren, Mary;  1983  
A note on phrase-markers  Higginbotham, James;  1985  
A note on the interpretation of adjoined relative clauses  Larson, Richard;  1982  
A note on weak crossover in Japanese  Farmer, Ann; Hale, Kenneth; Tsujimura, Natsuko;  1986  
A parameterized parser for English and Warlpiri  Kashket, Michael;  1991  
A preliminary description of propositional particles in Warlpiri  Laughren, Mary;  1982