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‘No-name’ in Central Australia  Nash, David; Simpson, Jane;  1981  
A lexicographic study of some Australian languages: project description  Hale, Kenneth;  1983  
A note on an inversion marker in Warumungu pronominal clitics  Simpson, Jane;  1990  
Gadjari among the Walbiri Aborigines of central Australia  Meggitt, Mervyn;  1965-66  
Grammaticalization of demonstratives as subordinate clause complementizers in Ngumpin-Yapa  McConvell, Patrick;  2006  
Mobile affixes in Huave: optimality and morphological wellformedness  Noyer, Rolf;  1994  
Patrilects of the Warumungu and Warlmanpa and their neighbours  Nash, David;  1990  
Reasons for language decline in the east central Northern Territory, Australia  Chadwick, Neil;  1984  
Report on survey of the central Northern Territory  Glasgow, David;  1984  
Sign languages of Aboriginal Australia: cultural, semiotic and communicative perspectives  Kendon, Adam;  1988  
Sourcebook for Central Australian languages (Pilot edition) /edited by David Nash  Menning, Kathy; Nash, David;  1981  
The current distribution of Central Australian languages  Hobson, John;  1985  
The current distribution of Central Australian languages (revised map)  Hobson, John;  1985  
The Ngumpin-Yapa subgroup  McConvell, Patrick; Laughren, Mary;  2004  
The Wailbri through their own eyes  Capell, Arthur;  1952  
Variation in Central Australian Aboriginal sign languages: a preliminary report  Kendon, Adam;  1985  
Verb polysemy and the vocabulary of percussion and impact in Central Australia  Riemer, Nick;  2002